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Will-Call Automation: The Next Frontier

Please note this article is a repost of the article found on Takeaways from a study conducted by The ThomsenGroup Technology has proven to be a cost-effective solution to address growing prescription volumes and personnel shortages, while also helping to improve accuracy and patient safety. On the whole, this automation has focused on what we’ll call the first 20 …

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Pharmacy provides state-of-the-art dispensary

by 66th Medical Squadron Pharmacy 6/25/2014 – HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. — Patients visiting 66th Medical Squadron Pharmacy will notice some changes behind the pharmacy counter beginning June 23, 66 MDS officials announced recently. The paper bags containing patient’s medications will be eliminated. In its place will be new technology aimed at merging five pharmacy filling steps into one …

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Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs & Military Medicine 2010-2011

GSL: INTELLIGENT STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM if you are a practicing pharmacist, you’ve probably heard “has any-body seen or been working on Mr. XYZ’s prescription?” Meanwhile, your patients are spending uncomfortable minutes watching your clerks rummage through will call bins or bags looking for prescriptions that may or may not be filed correctly. Worse than this, your patient calls or …

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Intellicab shown in MEDDAC Pharmacy

Pharmacy Solution Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

Irwin Army Community Hospital`s pharmacy is poised to revolutionize operations and improve customer service with Global Script Locator Solutions, Inc. patented Radio Frequency Identi¬fication based technological advances. Using GSL technology lightens the workloads of IACH pharmacy technicians who previously had to search through bins and bagging systems to deliver prescriptions to their rightful owners. Shelton Louie and Steve Garrett, co-founders …

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Rite Aid settles patient consultation lawsuit

Rite Aid recently agreed to pay $498,250 to settle charges that some of its California pharmacists frequently did not provide patient consultations required by law. The lawsuit was brought by the state Office of Consumer and Environmental Protection, the Riverside, Alameda County, and San Diego District Attorneys’ Offices, and the California State Board of Pharmacy (CSBP). According to the lawsuit, …

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