Return to Stock

Return to stock of controlled drug prescriptions stored within the Intellivault (Dual Use) is as simple as pushing a button. The IntelliVault system automatically changes the filled prescription to stock available for filling.

One Click Recall Feature

When combined with GSL Solutions or your own patient notification system, One Click Recall allows you to immediately notify patients of a class 1 recall with the push of a button.

Space Saving Footprint

IntelliVault’s small footprint easily fits in the same space as your current controlled drug storage cabinet, and provides you with even more storage capacity.

Mechanical and Electrical Locks

IntelliVault meets your security requirements for storing controlled drugs and does not impede your pharmacy workflow for efficiency.

Handle Expired, Dropped or Broken Pills in the Virtual Purge Vault

By tracking drug expiration dates during stock receiving, the IntelliVault System will automatically move expired drugs to a Purge Vault, eliminating accidental dispensing of expired medications.

Dropped or borken pills are added back into the IntelliVault system, eliminating shrink from today’s manual “hold for destruction” process.

The IntelliVault system provides you with all reports and tracking necessary to transfer outdated and inventory identified for destruction to your third party service provider. All transfers are accounted for in the IntelliVault system’s perpetual inventory and log.

Inventory Reporting

Our inventory reporting system can be configured to meet any of your internal needs and pharmacy board requirements. Reports are in real-time and can show drug name, NDC and user.

IntelliVault Meets All Corporate Compliance Requirements

The IntelliVault system tracks and manages user workflow acitivy using hard stops to force acitivity that matches corporoately defined compliance settings. Some examples Include:

  • Require double count of filled prescriptions by a pharmacist.
  • Require two-person verification for receiving freight.
  • Establish user permission profiles for who can receive, filll, double count,perform return stock, and perform purge for 3rd party returns.
  • Assures chain of custody by requiring a back-count before returning the stock bottle the same user.


  • Receive Freight

    • Couple stock bottle (or multiple stock bottles of hte same NDC) to a SmartBasket. Optionally, enter the lot number and expiration date. Enter the quantity, then cover with the lid and file into your IntelliVault.
    • Fast moving stock can be received into multiple SmartBaskets, allowing for multiple users to access the same medication for filling prescriptions “simultaneously”.
    • IntelliVault can automatically reconcile your wholesaler controlled drug shipments to your receipts ad drugs actually received and stored in the IntelliVault system.

  • Retrieve/Fill RX

    • Scan Rx label to begin filling operation. The IntelliVault “Pick to light” system guides you to the correct stock bottle for filling—automatically taking care of NDC verification.
    • FIll from the oldest stock first, eliminating today’s manual drug expiration date overhead from your pharmacy operations.
    • IntelliVault automatically prevents “close dated” or expired stock from being used during the filling process.

  • Return Stock Bottle

    • Once filled, the IntelliVault system requires a “blind” back count of the stock bottle. The IntelliVault system allows the stock bottle to be returned to storage when the back count matches the IntelliVault system’s perpetual inventory.
    • IntelliVault ensures the user doing the back count is the same user putting the stock bottle back into IntelliVault, maintaining a complete chain of custody during the filling process.
    • IntelliVault can interface to counter top or robotic counting machines for ease of performing back counts of stock bottles and double counts of filled prescriptions.

  • File For Will CAll (Dual Use)

    • Dual Use: Filled prescriptions are “coupled” into a new SmartBasket and can be placed anywhere in the IntelliVault for will call customer pickup. IntelliVault now handles your stock, prescription filling and WILL CALL functions.
    • For existing IntelliCab customers, filled prescriptions can go directly into your IntelliCab Will Call Management System.
    • No more lost or missing prescriptions in will call. No more interrupting the pharmacist to retreive prescriptions for pick up from your manual controlled drug storage cabinet.
    • SImply “look up”, “authenticate”, and “retrieve” by following IntelliVault’s “pick to light” system to locate prescriptions for patient pick up.

1. Receive Freight
2. Retrieve/Fill RX
3. Return Stock Bottle
4. File for Will Call